Paris, the city of love! The city of business?


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Paris, the city of love! The city of business?

What makes Paris a great destination for business? Well, for one, its way cheaper than other major cities in Europe. London, Madrid, Berlin are pretty expensive. If you're in Paris for the weekend, there is so much for you to do too. So try make Paris your city of choice for those business trips! ;)

Paris is beautiful, cobble stoned streets, lots of shops, beautiful architecture and lots of landmarks for you to check out. If you're coming here for business, one of the best areas for you to stay in has to be Champs Elysees or Notre Dame. These areas have loads of restaurants, plenty of choice, lots of attractions and a cracking shopping scene for you to spend your hard earned cash. Theres also a well connected transportation system and enough taxis to go about.

If you're a bit worried about talking to people over there, heres some basics. Bonjour means Hello, Merci means Thank you, Au Revoir means Good bye. Theres plenty of apps you can download too which can help you pick up the basics.

The quickest way to get into the city from Paris CDG has to be by taxi. Theres plenty available outside the airport. Uber is also decent and is widely available in Paris. There is a bus service you can go on too but it takes about an hour. I do not recommend taking the train, tourists and business travellers are prime targets for robbery or pick pockets.

If you're looking for a place to grab a business brunch / dinner check out the Le China Club or the Monsieur Bleu (you'll get a cracking view of the Eiffel tower).

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